In 2015, the Paediatric and Child Health Association (PACHA) developed a 5-day course to train healthcare workers at the district level in the care of the infant and newborn. The course contains short lectures, videos, quizzes and practical skills sessions. There are multiple scenarios which allow candidates to gain skills, knowledge and confidence on how to care for the infant and newborn. At the end of the course, the candidates must pass  a best of Five (BoF) examination and a practical scenario before been awarded a COIN CERTIFICATE.  
At the end of the five-day course, the candidates are given the opportunity to work in teams with colleagues from their own facility. They take this opportunity to design an audit and quality improvement (QI)  intervention to carry out upon return to their own hospital. The PACHA team then follow up with the district facility team to support these QI audits and support the interventions during the district mentorship.

The wall charts are placed in each facility in order to standardise care for the newborn throughout the country. This allows preservice training and continued professional development with regards to care of the newborn to be standardized.


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