PACHA Managed Clinical Network for New Born Care

Since 2015, PACHA has been building a managed clinical network for the newborn in Malawi. This was done in partnership with the Ministry of Health and with the support of UNICEF.

Districts covered by Pacha

Hospital District
ST. GabrielLilongwe
Mzuzu Central Mzimba North
Ekwendeni Mzimba North
MzimbaMzimba South
Kasungu Kasungu
Thyolo Thyolo

In 2015, PACHA developed a five-day course to train health professional in the care of the newborn at the level of the district health facility. This course is called the COIN course. More than 300 health workers, 5-10 in each of the hospitals where PACHA works have been trained. In addition, 25 healthcare workers in each of the two main central hospitals were trained. Bi-Directional mentorship from the central hospital ⇒district and district⇒central hospital PACHA staff and members visit our colleagues in each of these districts on a structured mentorship visit. This is done by region – within the framework of a managed clinical network. Healthcare workers from each of the hospitals in our network also spend a two-week attachment at their central hospitals and are mentored by staff experienced in newborn care. This is done using competency based mentorship. We support our colleagues to carry out QUALITY IMPROVEMENT projects in their units using the tool of an audit cycle. To help with audit PACHA supports each unit to collect data on every admission to their unit.

PACHA has designed a log book for neonatal care which the health professionals completes and keeps as part of their continued professional development record.


Alongside our colleagues, at the district level, we advocate for newborn and child health. The forum we use is a district stakeholder meeting. PACHA supports the District Health Management Team (DHMT) to invite organizations and people who could improve child welfare, within the health sector but also beyond the health sector.

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