BSc Paediatrics and Child Health (PCH)

Malawi relies heavily on Clinical Officers, who provide diagnostic and clinical services similar to doctors. 

In 2013 the College of Medicine, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, introduced the BSc for COs in six specialities. This is a major innovation and investment for Malawi.

In order to support the MOH and to address the shortage of paediatric specialists in the country, the Department of Paediatrics at the College of Medicine train 6-9 COs as specialists in Paediatrics and Child Health (PCH) each year. This is done with the help of partners including GIZ, the University of St Andrews and the ELMA foundation, who support students by paying tuition fees. 

The vision is that, they will become leaders and advocates for neonates and children in their district, not only in acute paediatric care but also by engaging with existing preventative health services and advocating on issues pertaining to the determinants of health. The Paediatric and Child Health Association are committed to supporting with evidence-based guidelines and academic meetings.

The Paediatric and Child Health Association are committed to supporting this cadre with evidence-based guidelines and academic meetings and the hope is that we will build a Managed Clinical Network so all children in Malawi can benefit from paediatric expertise regardless of where they live.


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