Frequently Asked Questions

What is the under-five mortality rate in Malawi?

In 2012 it was 71 per 1000 live births, see UNICEF data on Malawi

How many Paediatricians are there in Malawi?

There are approximately 16 paediatricians working in the public health system, most work in two of the four central hospitals

How many children live in Malawi?

The population is around 16 million and about half of these are aged <15 years, therefore the paediatrician to child ratio is 1:500,000

How does PACHA work to improve child well-being in Malawi, i.e. what is PACHAs strategy?

We hope to work together with colleagues in district hospitals, with the Ministry of Health and with international associations and partners to ensure all children have their right to health met by - 

1. By facilitating a managed network for child health in Malawi 

  1. With all districts via COIN, BSc
  2. With national partners e.g. MOH
  3. With national and international organisation’s
  4. With national professional organisation’s

2. By acting as advocates

  1. To ensure research findings are fed in the correct format, in the correct forum to influence policy makers.
  2. To ensure all national policies are made with children’s rights to health prioritised.
  3. To influence international policy makers in order to ensure children in Malawi and the regions right to health are met.

3. Researching to improve quality of care

  1. What - operational research/quality improvement including audit cycles
  2. How – disburse small grants  to frontline workers who wish to improve child health in their facility/setting
  3. Who – frontline heath care workers with PACHA support, financial and academic

4. Providing educational material

  1. The public
  2. Professional working in paediatrics and child health
  3. Parents and guardians
  4. Policymakers, both national and international

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